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  Directors & Officers Liability

People who lend their professional competence to profit or non-profit organizations are becoming increasingly uneasy with the potential for lawsuits that their participation in the decision making process brings. There is a risk not only for financial damages from lawsuits and awards but also for damage to their professional reputation.

In fact, those people who are involved in a decision making capacity, even as an advisor, put their own personal assets at risk, unless there is proper insurance coverage in place to protect them from potential lawsuits and crippling legal defense costs.

Who needs coverage....?

Board Members and/or Officers of profit and non-profit corporations are all subject to substantial risk.

Where are the risks...?

Directors and Officers may be held liable for matters arising out of decisions or actions related to, but not limited to, the following areas:

• employment law
• environmental law
• financial reporting and decisions
• taxation law
• securities law

Directors and Officers Liability coverage is the usual and preferred means to provide the necessary financial protection and resulting comfort level needed to allow these valued contributors to our business organizations and corporations to participate.



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